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The Ghost Gym

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Livejournal Pokemon League GHOST gym
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Welcome to Cacophonia del Miedo (Fearsome Melody), the LiveJournal Pokemon League Ghost Gym. Here, we specialize in the training and mastery of the ghost-type, a formidable undead that few can see, and even fewer can hit. Our gym lies in the Oversoul Archipelago, on a string of islands offshore of a resort and cemetary. Feel free to stay the night. We hope your dreams are sweet...

Our Badge:
The Soulsong Badge

Gym Leader: king: Jamie ☆ 3866.4698.3479 TC
Gym Apprentice: -- (open position)

Gym Members:
1. xsaix: --
2. eknock: Eknock ☆ 4424.8110.9246 TC
3. synthesize: Kex ☆ 3093.3551.4373
4. regirelowell: Solly ☆ ----.----.----
5. spiritspoken: Pachi ☆ 3050.4738.8735 TC
6. randomflavor: Ja!me ☆ 4725.4455.3072 TC
7. thenameisenjoi: --

Contact info for king:

Ghost Gym Status

Open. Accepting challenges. Accepting three members.

Ghost Gym Champions

false_dawn (07/31/07)
jiggliusceasar (07/31/07)

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